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We noticed many users of TKNT and TKN.COM are in confusion of the difference between the two platforms. This article is posted to clarify each firms, relationships and roles.

What’s the main difference? TKNT and TKN.COM?

Well first of all, the main difference is that TKNT is a multi DeFi platform, and TKN.COM is a crypto betting platform.

TKNT stands for TKN.COM token because TKNT is the first token to be listed in TKN.COM to be bet-mined inside the platform.

The two foundations are separate firms in alliance. They are run separately, backed by separate teams.

TKN.COM: Definition

TKN.COM is a blockchain casino platform officially based in Curacao. It’s…

The first DeFi on BetProtocol product is live: Bet Mining! 🥳🔥

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🎉 We are thrilled to announce that our first DeFi on BetProtocol product is live: Bet Mining!

🎰 Bet Mining allows players to earn operator loyalty tokens by placing bets. Win or lose, players earn the tokens, which can then be traded or used in other innovative DeFi products coming soon to BetProtocol!

✅ TKN.COM and their operator loyalty token TKNT are the first platform to have our DeFi Bet Mining feature.

🎲 Bet Mining is just the first of many DeFi products coming to BetProtocol. Stay tuned!

AOCBlockChain AMA with TKNT Protocol

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Announcement for next AMA in the group on 13th of November, 14:00 UTC +7

AOCBlockChain & TKNT Protocol

Prize pool: 100$

5 Preselected Questions from Google Form

5 Winners from the Live Telegram AMA


Join group:







We are very pleased to announce about the Ama Fotaix community X TKNT Protocol 🚀 🔥🥳

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Time: 16:00 PM (UTC+7)

November 6th 2020

Guest: Benjamin Woo — CEO of TKNT

AMA so we can better understand the TKNT Protocol 🙌🏻

AMA Structure:

Part 1: The host will ask guests a few questions to introduce the project and itself

Part 2: Host will ask 5 questions from the community.

Ask question here:

Part 3: Community will have 3 minutes to ask questions for the project and guests will answer good and excellent questions (After AMA, will choose the 5 best questions to win)

Total reward: 100$


Join and follow our media social! 🥳




TKNT, NO.1 decentralized service platform Uniswap is online 🦄

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DeFi financial solution TKN Token (TKNT for short) announced that Uniswap (hereinafter referred to as Uniswap), the protagonist of the DeFi boom, has started ETH/TKNT exchange services.

Uniswap is the representative first decentralized service platform and a leader in the rapidly developing DeFi boom. Recent controversial projects such as SushiSwap and KIMCHI are also branch agreements of Uniswap. From then on, we can see the huge impact of Uniswap on the DeFi market.

Most of the existing exchanges are centralized and cannot guarantee transparency, while Uniswap allows participants to form liquidity…

🎉 Announcing our first client AMA with!

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🤑 $100 worth of $TKNT in rewards for the best questions!

In this AMA we will discuss:

✅ How TKN is using BetProtocol’s technology to tackle the betting market

✅ The rise of Esports betting

✅ How $TKNT token is used on the TKN betting platform

✅ Which markets is TKN targeting

✅ TKN’s future plans

This AMA will happen at 11:00 UTC November 3rd here in BetProtocol’s Telegram group.

So save the date and start preparing your questions!

Eligibility for TKNT Prizes:

  1. Have an account on TKN.COM
  2. 2. Submit a question during the AMA

Note: Questions used from previous AMAs will be automatically disqualified

Winners’ TKN.COM accounts will be automatically credited with the TKNT

Thank you!

TKNT’s 1st Regular Deposit and Demand Deposit has been launched! 🥳

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Notice from Chainbank

1. Demand Deposit

Name of token: TKNT

Annual Interest rate: 7.01%


1) Demand Deposit can be withdrawn at any time.

2) Interest is not incurred when withdrawal after applying for installment on the same day.

2. Regular Deposit

Name of token: TKNT

Annual Interest rate: 10.9% per year

Start Date: October 31, 2020

End date: November 14, 2020


Please apply carefully as your initial balance cannot be withdrawn until November 14th after application.

Available on iOS and Android:



BKEX Global TKNT Staking Open Announcement 🥳

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The TKNT Staking pool will open on October 23, 2020 at 17:00.

Details are as follows:

-Staking pool coin: TKNT

- Minimum quantity: 100TKNT

- Maximum Quantity: 200,000TKNT

- Estimated annual interest rate: 19%

- Lockup release period: 10 days

- Payment before 20:00 (based on Chinese time) interest after T+2 Payment after 20:00 (based on Chinese time) interest after T+3 payment and immediate withdrawal of interest

Esports is now live streamed on BetProtocol! 🦄

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Our first customer to launch Esports was, which included games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six, Overwatch, Rocket League and Dota 2. 🎮

This is a major milestone for the BetProtocol network, representing a huge step forward into a market that is growing 40% annually. And the best news? We’re fully scalable and we’ll announce new esports customers soon!

Read more:

TKNT Foundation

TKN Token Foundation: Beginning of New Life

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